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Not only do you need a quality website that works, you need it to be easily found and used by customers.

We utilize new marketing technologies, SEO strategies, other platforms to increase your digital presence, engage potential customers, and advertise your business.

Most Business Are Already Competing Online. Are You?

You Need Digital Marketing


$129.34 BILLION

The U.S. will spend an estimated $129.34 billion on digital ads in 2019


Using Google Ads will convert leads 50% better than your site’s organic search results


Ranking well on Google is essential since they own 71% of the search engine market

Our Digital Marketing Tools:

Google AdWords

Google dominates the digital market space by owning over 70% of the search engine market.

To help your website rank high on Google search results – on the first page for your key services and locations – you need to be using Google AdWords for SEO keyword improvements as well as text and display ads to generate more traffic to your custom website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and should guide your strategies, ad campaigns, and online content.

Utilizing keyword research and other SEO market trends, tools, and data, help your website be better found online and rise in the search result rankings for your services and local market.

Social Media Advertising

Be active on Social Media to increase your digital presence and ultimately gain new customers.

From standard Facebook ads to other social sharing and video content, engage with clients online, and promote your brand and your products to targeted audiences.

Marketing Automation

Schedule email and ad campaigns, create personas and track leads, build landing pages and more with our marketing automation resources.

Childress Agency is a certified Sharp Spring Marketing Automation Partner, which gives us additional technologies and analytics tools to assess your website’s performance, track digital marketing campaigns, and generate quality leads.

Ask us about Sharp Spring!

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