Guidance on AirSim Protective Equipment

AirSim Safety Equipment

AirSim BBs travel at +/- 400 fps approx. Eye Protection is Mandatory. Beyond that, most protective measures are voluntary, but recommendations will be given:

Ballistic Eye Protection: You must wear a ballistic goggle or close fitting ballistic eye protection. Appropriate goggles include military issue / approved (APEL) certified to ANSI Z87+ impact protection / military APEL equivalent. Also, appropriate quality 'thermal' (double layer) paintball mask/goggle combinations that meet or exceed  ANSI Z87+ / ASTM F1776 (the paintball safety standard). You cannot take any risks with your vision, so make sure your eye protection is adequate.  Simple wrap-around shades or half-jackets do not suffice. 'Thermal' double layer goggles also provide a solution to fogging.

Additional protective measures will depend in some part on the expected range of engagements, from longer ranges in open areas to specific CQB training or engagement distances. 

Basics / Recommendations:

Face covering: gator or wrap. CQB: mesh face mask. Teeth protection is a consideration.

Cap / Hat. CQB: helmet, bump or ballistic.

Neck wrap / protector.

Gloves. CQB: gloves with knuckle protection.

Long sleeved pants / shirt.

Link to Blog post on tactical gear: 'Gear: The MVT Lite Fight Concept.'

It is your responsibility to ensure that any product that you bring to class meets the protection / ballistic rating / standards as laid out above. 

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